Latinos hate blacks

Latino people hate Black people.  Latinos think blacks are ugly.  Latinos think blacks are so ugly they NEVER let them on their t.v channels.  I spent the morning watching spanish channels and english channels, and looked for the distribution of blacks on both.  The spanish channels had NONE, but the english channels had an overrepresenation of blacks. 

South americans hate brown to black skinned people.  This can be seem in the color of the people who migrate into the U.S.  Most of the people who immigrat here are dark brown.  These dark browns have NO opportunity in Mexico or south America.  Only white europeans can find jobs, and be on t.v in south america. 

I was suprised to see the types of people I meet in school who say they are from south america.  They are white.  They came here legaly.  They are smart and can speak english.  The illegal immigrants are always brown.  They were peons in south america, and are not missed by white power structures in south america.  President Fox In Mexico encouraged the browns to go north.  They were worth nothing to White Mexico.  He knows they can come here and feed of the white power structure here, because up north we are so compasionate.

What Mexican president Fox was doing could have been considered inhumane.  He extends NO opportunity to darker skinned peopel, then tells hem to get lost.   I don’t blame his though,  every so often the dark skinned people get fed up with being treated like crap, and start buring down schools and stealing white peoples property.


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