differental standards and the utilization of resources

These are two observations which I will use to prove that soon The united states of america will become a virtual northern mexico.

1. The differential standard of living between S.america and N.america induces S.Americans to migrate to N.america.

2.  Overpopulation has a negative impact on our resources and standard of living in N.america.  I.E housing price inflation, and labor market flooding.

as long as N.america is better than s. america s.american will migrate to n.america.  Because of this n.america will be degraded, by the problems of overpopulation.  When n.america has no better standard of living than s.america, s.american will stop migrating.  This means that immigration will stop the day after the average n.american standard of living is the same as that in s.america. 


Conclusion: migration if left unchecked will ensure that there is no benefit to living in n.america.  Therefore, a high quality of living and migration cannot be found together for an indefinite amount of time.


One Response to “differental standards and the utilization of resources”

  1. Rebecca Says:

    You got it. I just imagine like a satellite image of what appear to be red ants just filling up our country and changing OUR country to suit THEM and THEIR culture instead of assimilating AT ALL. People with shitty lifestyles, full of violent behavior and also illiterate and from what I understand, Mexico City is so polluted a large percentage of the population is mentally retarded. If their countries and cultures are SOOOOo great, why don’t the stay home and change it instead of leaching off americans.

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